Residential Painting

National Painting Contractors – NPC specialize in all types of residential painting work, both new and redecorative. All work is done under supervision and we can guarantee that all our staff is trustworthy and has sufficient knowledge and experience to perform the tasks handed to them.

All residential quotations include the application of colour samples and assistance in internal and external colour choices.

Commercial Painting

National Painting Contractors – NPC specializes in decorative painting for sectional title schemes, share block companies, sports clubs and home owners associations. A few of our national clients include: Group Life Hospitals, Crawford Schools and KFC.

We are compliant with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and the regulations issued in pursuance of its objects, giving bodies corporate and management teams the peace of mind that all work is being done in a professional, safe and lawful manner.

Our workers are well versed in working in public places and go about their work with the minimum inconvenience to residents and tenants.

Roof Coating

National Painting Contractors – NPC roof coating systems include high pressure cleaning of previously painted roof surfaces.Our roof coatings are applied with Graco airless spray machines, which gives a better and longer lasting bond. All work done at height is conducted in strict accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Act 85 of 1993 and regulations, with our first and at most emphasis being on the safety of our personnel.

NPC is an approved applicator of AttCool thermal paints. AttCool is a heat insulating coating based on a waterborne pure acrylic resin system containing a special heat-insulating additive that substantially decreases the thermal conductivity of the coating. The basic principle of the system is to reduce heat gain at the surface of the roof rather than within the roof structure as per conventional thermal insulation.

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Industrial & Heavy Duty Coating – Thermal Painting

National Painting Contractors – NPC has undertaken various types of industrial work, for example refurbishing a container crane in Durban Harbour. In the industrial field we specialize in corrosion control work and epoxy and polyurethane flooring applications.

NPC is an approved applicator of AttCool thermal paints. AttCool functions via a dual mode mechanism – heat reflection and low thermal conductivity. This reduces heat flow into and out of a surface. Temperature reductions of roof sheets up to 25° C have been recorded. Ambient conditions within the building become more comfortable. In summer it is cooler and no, or less, air-conditioning is required. In winter, due to reduced heat escape, the energy required for heating is reduced.

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Damp Proofing

In addition to the usual damp proofing techniques specified by our suppliers, prior to applying paint layers, we also provide Specialised Damp Proofing to all areas showing more than 12% moisture, when tested.

Whilst some of our specialised paint material (Dulux Wallguard) can tolerate moisture levels up to 25%, general painting material (Dulux Weathergurd, Dura 100, Plascon Pem/PSB/Wall and All, Midas products, Prominent products, etc.) need to be protected from excess moisture levels of 8-12% and above. We achieve this with more aggressive methods. We undertake Tanking and Injection Damp Proofing, utilising specialised material form either ABE, Safeguard or Sika.

High Pressure Cleaning

High pressure cleaning of surfaces forms part of our usual painting preparation, but we are also trained and equipped to clean roofs, pre-cast walls, driveways and face-brick surfaces.

All our staff is accustomed to working in industrial environments; with due regard to safety and security procedures.